FCTC Presents “War of the Worlds”, Vermont Edition

FCTC presents an adaptation of the Orson Welles’ radio play “War of the Worlds by HG Wells”. Mike Cain and Kim Ward have updated the script to present day and beginning right here in Vermont. We will be presenting this via Zoom. And we will be doing this on the same date as the original – October 30 at 8 pm, just 82 years later!

In spite of the pandemic causing the cancellation of our productions, we still have incurred our usual yearly expenses. So – as a way to raise some money and to share our talents, we are using this as a fundraiser for the company and some live theatre for our audience.

Any donation of $5 or more will get you an email link to our Zoom “webinar” presentation. We are accepting these donations via Venmo: @fctc-vt. If it asks for the last 4 digits of our phone number, enter 7007. Please include your email address in the transaction description. This will allow us to send that Zoom link to you.

We have the ability to have 90 participants, so you could invite those in your “COVID bubble” to join you and everyone can watch together with one donation!

So, please donate to help us recoup some of our losses this year and join our readers Courtney Meunier, Michael Smith, Candice Bryan-Broe, Bob Martin, Brenda Smith, Tim Stetson, and Kevin Bryan as they tell the terrifying tale of the Martian Invasion!


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