A few words from our Vice President, Bob Martin

I first heard about Fairfax Community Theater Company when I heard that a friend (that I had worked with a few shows ago with a different company) was directing a musical called “Brigadoon.” Naturally, I went to auditions, as I wanted to work with this friend again and was very happy to land the lead role of Tommy. That friend that I wanted to work with was Margie Cain, our current President and one of the founders of FCTC.

That show, and subsequent shows, have not only strengthened that friendship, but my continued involvement with FCTC has created more and more friendships. FCTC represents to me a group of like minded friends who are passionate about the art that we produce. We are not just co-workers, but we are friends. Those friendships strengthen the productions we create. They help us to know just exactly what each person is capable of in a production. Every show brings new people into the fold and new friends to work with. That is why I have stayed with FCTC. I like working with people that I like. The art that we produce, is some of the best this state has to offer!

One response to “A few words from our Vice President, Bob Martin

  1. Bob, I am forever grateful that you walked into those auditions. Our friendship and theatre collaboration since then have made my life richer. Thank you for all you do to make FCTC better and better.


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